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The best Shopware 6 agencies in Germany

Building your own Shopware 6 store can be a pain for you. 🤯 Even better, if you find the right agency. The agency supports you with the setup, the conception and the complete implementation. You can get an overview of Shopware (6) certified Shopware agencies on Shopware directly. But there are also many highly qualified Shopware 6 agencies beyond the certified agencies. It’s just about finding the right Shopware 6 agency for you.

A suitable Shopware agency doesn’t necessarily have to be located at your site. According to your personal preferences, the agency can of course be there. Also, it can be useful for you and the cooperation to meet your Shopware agency in person. That’ why we have listed the best Shopware agencies in Germany below. Keep in mind that you should hire the right Shopware 6 agency for you and don’t just hire any agency. Which one is the “best” agency is just a matter of subjective perception. Besides, the agencies listed here are only a small selection. Of course, there are many more suitable agencies 😉

Shopware Agency Hanover

The capital of the German state lower saxony, Hanover. Located on the rivers Leine and Ihme. The city is also nationally important as a shopping city. Besides all the sights and the shopping mile, there are also a few Shopware 6 agencies in Hanover. Three of them we will introduce to you. 

1. Digitalmanufaktur

Digitalmanufaktur is a Shopware 6 agency based in Hanover. The agency has been gathering experience in the field of e-commerce. For over 14 years, it has already implemented more than 120 online stores. Digitalmanufaktur has two locations, with the headquarters in Hanover. The agency has 31 team members with a total of over 30 certifications. If that doesn’t sound impressive? 🤔

Digitalmanufaktur says about itself that they are technology experts, developers and creative interface designers with experience in e-commerce.

2. Wendweb

Wendweb is a family business from Hanover. The Wendweb team is at your side from the very first consultation. You profit from more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce. Especially the competence in interface development is emphasized by Wendweb on their own website. The agency exists since 2000, since then Wendweb has realized more than 300 projects and counts 25 employees today. In any case, the agency convinces with a sympathetic and honest way.

3. Wemwi

Wemwi is a Shopware 6 agency from Hannover. They already named some companies from Hannover as reference. Besides pure Shopware development, Wemwi also offers SEO for your Shopware store. Wemwi offers a complete package which includes conception, consulting and optimization. The package starts at 8.900€. As always, the final fixed price is only available after a consultation.

Shopware Agency Hamburg

Hamburg the second largest city in Germany, known worldwide for its flair, culture, architecture, harbor…and the Shopware 6 agencies! As diverse as this city is, as diverse are the residents and companies in this city. So it’s no surprise that some exceptional Shopware agency has mingled in this city.

1. Shop Studio

Yes, we are definitely one of them! 😉 We are a Shopware 6 agency based in Hamburg which actually offers ONLY Shopware. This is something that sets us apart, because most agencies offer other services in addition. By specializing in Shopware 6, we can guarantee you that we have the necessary know-how and deliver you the best quality. ShopStudio develops your Shopware 6 store and takes all measures to optimize your performance.

You already have an online store, but not with Shopware 6? – We migrate your customers, orders, products and more from Shopware 5, WooCommerce, Magento or other systems to Shopware 6. Those interested in Shopware 6 but still undecided have the possibility to use a Shopware 6 demo version on our site.

Do you already use Shopware 6 and have a question from time to time? – We also have a slack community where you can ask your questions about Shopware 6 for free.

2. Typowerkstatt

Typowerkstatt, a Shopware 6 agency in Hamburg existing since 2006. Currently the agency consists of three permanent team members. Typowerkstatt offers some diverse solutions, including development, design and marketing. Besides Shopware, this Shopware agency in Hamburg also works with Jimdo and WooCommerce.

3. BOW – Agentur

The Bow Agency is a certified Shopware partner agency in Hamburg, which has set its focus in e-commerce on fashion, lifestyle and interior. This agency also specializes exclusively in Shopware. In addition to development and support, this Shopware agency in Hamburg also offers you SEO services.

Shopware Agency Freiburg

The student city Freiburg. Located on the southern edge of the black forest. Famous for the beautiful medieval city center with cobblestone squares at baroque and renaissance buildings. A city where you can feel the history…And also in the middle of this ancient city you can find talented Shopware agencies!


Eseom is a certified Shopware agency based in Lenzkirch (Freiburg area). The agency consists of two managing directors. During the development of your store, Eseom focuses on increasing the conversion rate, ensuring a high degree of automation in order processing and creating your webshop SEO optimized. 

What eseom beside the shop-development also offers is Smartphone App-Development and individual software-projects

2. Into-Commerce

Into-Commerce is a partner agency of Shopware. Besides Freiburg, Into-Commerce has two other locations in Germany. However, more than half of the team works remotely across Germany. The approach of Into-Commerce as a Shopware 6 agency in Frankfurt consists of three basic ideas. Firstly Into-Commerce works with their strategy against the giant Amazon. And they successfully manage to do that with their customers. Next is the guiding principle: “Think Big, Start Small”. The thought behind this is quite simple. The online world is very fast-moving. This is why big visions are welcome, but shouldn’t be prepared in detail. You need to approach the big vision in small steps. Finally, and perhaps the most important point for any kind of business is the following motto: “Done is better than perfect”. In the online world, everything can be corrected quickly. That’ why frequent checking is unnecessary. Rather, start faster to get real feedback. 

3. Shoprakete

Shoprakete is a Shopware agency from Freiburg, which has already managed over 30 stores. Existing stores are also revised by the agency. 

Shopware Agency Heidelberg

Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and a popular university town. Both the old, narrow alleys of the old town and the castle ruins are known worldwide. But there are also some very well-known Shopware 6 agencies in Heidelberg, which have certainly been inspired by the picturesque city many times.

1. Digitalagentur ECONSOR 

The digital agency ECONSOR isn’t a Shopware 6 agency that operates only in Heidelberg. This Shopware 6 agency also operates in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Frankfurt, Nuremberg & Munich. Besides Shopware 6 they also serve Typo3, Magneto and WordPress. In addition to programming, the ECONSOR also serves, among other things, design, SEO & online marketing.

The technologies which econsor use.

2. Abart-Digital

Abart-Digital is a Shopware 6 agency in Heidelberg. Based in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, the Shopware 6 agency works for companies in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. Generated over 70 happy customers since 2011. Four employees here take care of the design, programming, optimization and online marketing of their customers.

3. Nullacht15

Nullacht15 is a Shopware 6 agency in Heidelberg, as well. Awarded as Shopware 6 business partner, you can be sure to have a qualified agency at your side.

Shopware Agency Augsburg

The city of Augsburg has a rich tradition and culture. From romans to textile industry there is a lot of history here. Now, in modern times, the city is also making history on the Internet. You can find talented Shopware 6 agencies in Augsburg.

1. Codeblick

Since 2016 Codeblick is a certified Shopware 6 agency in Augsburg. The agency is qualified and also offers pure consulting, design and interface connections.

Codeblick offers a Demo-Store too. (Like us 🤓)

2. Loy

Loy is a multi-certified Shopware 6 business partner near augsburg. Founded in 2007, owner-managed and with 15 permanent employees by now, Loy is definitely one of the larger agencies in this list. The company’s headquarter, the Villa Feser Wolfratshausen, is very atypical and suggests a startup atmosphere. Just the sight of it is a visit to the website worth 😉.

3. Seo-Küche

SEO Kitchen is an Augsburg based Shopware 6 agency for businesses and retailers. The SEO Kitchen in Augsburg is very diverse and offers, among other things, SEO (Who’s surprised?) social marketing, SEA and content marketing in addition to development. In any case, the site is worth a visit. Even if it’s just to gain more knowledge for yourself. By the way, the SEO Kitchen also has its own podcast called “Online Marketing Podcast”.

Shopware Agency Berlin

Berlin, the national capital of Germany. There are also countless agencies here for a wide variety of topics. We name three Shopware 6 agencies in Berlin.


The mediaagency in Berlin is also a certified Shopware 6 business partner.

Certified Shopware Business-Partner

2. Ebakery

In fact Germany has countless delicious bakeries. Well, why not create an Internet bakery in the Berlin area? That’s probably what the founder of Ebakery thought and created a Shopware 6 agency in Berlin. According to their own statements for the perfect e-commerce strategy. By the way, the topic of baking, is taken up again and again on the page. Definitely a visit worth. 🤤

3. Neofonie

All Shopware 6 agencies certainly have one thing in common. We all agree that Shopware is the future of e-commerce. So Neofonie also relies mainly on Shopware, in addition to Shopify.

Shopware agency in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart

The two major cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart aren’t far apart. While Karlsruhe is known as the bicycle capital, Stuttgart is mostly known for its worldwide automotive industry (Mercedes, Porsche & Bosch). But of course these cities offer Shopware agencies too.

1. BlueCommerce

A Shopware 6 agency, which is based in Karlsruhe. BlueCommerce is a Shopware business partner and obviously proud of its baden origin. The homepage is directly adorned by a picture of the castle in Karlsruhe.

The image on the homepage of BlueCommerce.

2. Schommer E-Commerce

Schommer E-Commerce supports its customers in all relevant e-commerce topics.

Shopware agencies in Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf & Dortmund

The cities of Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf and Dortmund are all located close together in the state of north rhine-westphalia. Cologne in particular is known in Germany as “the city of media”. We list a suitable Shopware 6 agency for each city below.

1. Gjuce

Gjuce is a Shopware 6 agency in the middle of Cologne. As a certified full-service Shopware partner, the agency supports you in planning, development and online marketing.

Some actually cases

2. Webversiert 

Your Shopware 6 agency in Essen. Webversiert takes care of development, online marketing and at last content.

3. Designverign

Of course, because of the name you would suggest something other. This agency doesn’t only care about designs. Designverign is a Shopware 6 agency in Düsseldorf.

4. Cator

Are you looking for a Shopware 6 agency in Dortmund? Then you’ ve come to the right place. Cator supports you with your online store, from consulting to online marketing.

Shopware agencies distributed in Germany

Of course, Germany offers MANY more Shopware agencies. To cover the most important cities, here is a small list of various agencies.

  1. Scope01 is a Shopware agency in Frankfurt
  2. Orangebytes is a Shopware agency in Wiesbaden
  3. Cutvert is a Shopware agency in Würzburg
  4. Qomplizen is a Shopware agency in Paderborn
  5. Onacy is a Shopware agency in Münster
  6. Mothership is a Shopware agency in Munich
  7. Five8 is a Shopware agency in Rosenheim
  8. Die Lobby is a Shopware agency in Regensburg

Shopware agency in Austria, Vienna

Surely, there aren’t only in Germany good Shopware agencies. Also Austria offers many Shopware professionals.

In fact here are a few examples for agencies in Vienna:

1. We already had mentioned the BOW Agency when talking about agencies in Hamburg. This agency also has an office in Vienna.

2. The Shopware Agency. At the Shopware Agency in Vienna you also have the possibility to participate in trainings around the topics development, marketing & users.

3. LimeSoda is also a Shopware Solution Partner.

Shopware agency in Switzerland, Bern

Of course, Switzerland offers talented Shopware agencies as well. A few suggestions are listed below.

  1. Aloco offers everything from shopware development to film production.
  2. Cubetech takes care of development, design, marketing, hosting & at last security for you.
  3. Dreamproduction is a Shopware 6 agency from Bern. By the way, they are the only agency (besides us) that publishes their website in English.

Which Shopware agency is the best in Germany?

Which agency you should ultimately choose is, of course, up to your individual assessment. In this list, we have given you a few qualified agencies to hand and, of course, it also depends on what services you specifically need. But one thing is clear, there is no lack of qualified agencies and you will surely find a suitable agency for you. If you would like to take a convenient shortcut, feel free to contact us directly! Maybe we can realize your project together. 😉

PS: We are one of a few listed providers who also produces english content and has the company website internationally oriented. So are you looking for a qualified german agency with experience and the willingness for international cooperation? – Then you are exactly right with us!

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