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What is Shopware Cloud?

There are a few different ways to create a website or an online store. But in e-commerce, cloud-based solutions are currently becoming more and more established. Besides Shopify and Magento for example, Shopware has also become popular. Shopware is a German company that was founded in 2000. Now Shopware has over 100,000 users, most of which are e-commerce companies.

Shopware 6 Cloud is the perfect solution for future e-commerce.

Difference self-hosted and cloud version

A self-hosted website is almost limitlessly customizable, you get vendor support. Also you can save all changes locally without needing Internet access. However, self-hosting is not for beginners, you have to search for a hosting provider and need an agency or help from Shopware.

A Shopware 6 Cloud Shop offers you an “all-round carefree package”. You don’t have to worry about many of the things that are so time-consuming and nerve-wracking in the beginning of creating a website. With the Shopware Cloud version, you don’t have to worry about finding a hoster and creating an SSL certificate, it’s included right in the cloud. Also, Shopware currently offers a freemium offer to Cloud customers. This means that creating an e-commerce store with Shopware 6 Cloud is free and you only pay when you start making sales. Depending on which version you choose, the revenue share is different. For the 100% free version, it’s 3% at the moment. Advanced features are easy to book in the cloud version. In addition, your store is subject to automatic maintenance and automatic updates. 

For whom the Shopware Cloud makes sense

Most of the time, when you launch a new product, you don’t know if it will really sell as you want it to. Nevertheless, the costs of web hosting and website creation are usually very high. Shopware Cloud, on the other hand, costs nothing and is perfect for testing new products first.  

Shopware Cloud is useful for all online store operators who do not want to learn a complicated store system first. WordPress, for example, is one of the most popular ways to create a website or an online store. But the creation here is much more complicated and the familiarization with the system takes a lot longer. Therefore, WordPress is a bad choice especially for inexperienced users. 

Shopware’s complete package, on the other hand, is almost unbeatable and perfectly suited for beginners. The user interface is very self-explanatory and simple, the costs are very manageable and the complicated initial hurdles simply fall away.

As soon as your store grows and you want more features, you can easily upgrade monthly. In case your store is not running at all and you don’t feel like it anymore, you also have the option to cancel your contract on a monthly basis. 

Advantages that the Shopware Cloud offers you

The latest version of Shopware Cloud is Shopware 6. With Shopware 6 you now have the possibility to use different stylish themes and extensions for payment methods or shipping tools for your store. Through this possibility, your store looks directly more appealing and professional.

Shopware is a German company. That means you have the advantage that data protection and DSGVO-compliant processes and data flows are guaranteed. With other cloud-based store systems, such as Shopify as a Canadian company, you do not have this security and must first make some adjustments.

Another big advantage of Shopware 6 Cloud is that you can control all your sales channels directly from Shopware 6. This saves you a lot of work. Also it is much clearer to have all your sales channels at a glance without having to open five different pages. 

Shopware 6 also offers you the possibility of an integrated SEO function. SEO is a very important tool to increase your visibility organically and costs a lot of money for an expert. All the more practical that with the Shopware 6 Cloud you directly have the possibility to check your Shopware Store for SEO and to revise it. 

Why the Shopware Cloud is also practical for developers

The Shopware Cloud is not only exciting for e-commerce companies, developers can also benefit from the cloud version. 

One thing first: The PHP code of Shopware Core is not extensible or modifiable. But this is also a big advantage, because everything is very clearly defined. However, you as a developer can write an app to get the newly developed functions into the cloud. This app can then also be used in self-hosted stores.

Shopware Cloud for E-Commerce companies

As already mentioned, Shopware 6 Cloud is especially exciting for e-commerce companies that want to create their own online store without much effort. The creation is fast, inexpensive and requires no prior technical knowledge.

For those who want to struggle through it themselves and do not want to hire an agency or freelancer, Shopware offers training packages for some themes directly with comprehensive documentation and knowledge database. 

In general, extensive German-language documentation is available for handling the cloud version. If questions arise for which no documentation is available, there is also a help and chat function with Shopware’s service team. The service is available in German & English. 

Here you can see a overview to the prices

Conclusion on Shopware Cloud

No matter if you are a beginner, an experienced store owner or a developer, you can conclude that Shopware Cloud is an easy and inexpensive way to create your own online store and make it look professional. For all possible wishes, there are extensions that you can purchase and thereby expand your store further and further.

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