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Would you like to try out Shopware for free as a store owner or developer? Then you are exactly right here! A little further down you can find the access data for the store and the administration.

Shopware in Germany is a leading platform for e-commerce companies. They provide store owners with a dual licensing system. Due to their complexity, Shopware’s stores are primarily suitable for professionals and real experts. But beginners can also get started quickly and inexpensively with the cloud version. Shopware has enjoyed growing popularity for e-commerce companies for some years now. But why is that and what exactly are the advantages of the current version Shopware 6? The fact that Shopware is based on the latest technology and offers extraordinary features is not the only advantage of the platform. But one thing is clear: e-commerce customers are becoming more and more demanding. They’ re demanding an ever-improving shopping experience with more and more customization. It doesn’t matter which sector you’re in. As a store owner, you need a flexible store system that can be dynamically developed and changed. The whole thing should be designed as simple as possible. So you can save time. For all these points Shopware 6 is the right system! You can just keep reading here, to find out why Shopware 6 is popular. Let’s start with why Shopware is so special.

Shopware 6 special features

Shopware 6 offers many great possibilities. A basic one is that Shopware can be very well extended, automated and connected to third-party software. Through this Shopware offers many available plugins, interfaces and API’s for automation. You can design various channels and frontends based on Shopware through the “headless open” platform. You can customize a lot of things. Apart from that, the platform is constantly being improved and expanded. The e-commerce solution offers many functionalities and makes every design wish come true. Wow. That alone is quite an advantage. What else does Shopware offer?

Increasing functions through extensions and plugins

There are a few different ready-made plugins and extensions for Shopware 6, through which you can add unlimited extensions to your store. Use all the possibilities you imagine and create the store of your dreams. For example, you can facilitate the payment process or analyze the activities of your customers. Besides that, if you have enough money, you can also configure your own extensions. (Or do it yourself, if you have the necessary skills 😉 ). With this possibility, you can create a really unique store. Take a look at our installed plugins in Shopware 6


With the update to Shopware 6, Shopware has realized the vision of the API concept. Now the pages aren’t only automatically responsive, they are also almost unlimited changeable. Also in the base Shopware offers a very modern design. The responsive capability will not only make your store visitors excited about your store. Google will be as well! Shopware stores are extremely crawler-friendly. This way Shopware helps you to get more conversions and better search engine results.

The admin area

The admin area of Shopware 6 is very simple and intuitive. You can change your settings with just a few clicks. During the development of Shopware 6, Shopware worked together with vendors. This is clearly noticeable in the end result. Here Shopware 6 allows the management of product prices with scale prices. In addition, an order with multiple items can now be split into multiple deliveries. The Rule Builder enables flexible business logic. This means that customer groups can be stored and these are displayed different prices. The setting options in Shopware 6

The technology

The framework of Shopware 6 is based on Symfony and the administration on Vue.js. This basic technical equipment guarantees that Shopware can react quickly to the latest trends. As mentioned, you can customize an unbelievable number of functions with plugins alone. As a result, working with Shopware is a lot easier. You can also get an impression of Shopware 6 for yourself on our site. We provide you with an insight into the demo version of the frontend, as well as the administration of Shopware 6.

Frequently asked questions

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The demo is the same as the real Shopware.

Unlimited number of users can work in the demo version at the same time.

You can't break anything. The store is reset automatically every day.

It is also possible to install plugins in the demo store if you want to.

Shopware has several different advantages. But most importantly, it is very intuitive and easy to use. even for beginners. Check out our blog to learn more about the advantages of Shopware.

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