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Get ahead of your competition with a migration to Shopware 6

Is your old store no longer up to date, the conversion rate problematic or your customers dissatisfied? Put an end to it! Our agency helps you with a migration to Shopware 6.

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As a Shopware agency, we support medium-sized companies in the migration of business-critical online stores. In doing so, we attach great importance to an open and detailed exchange in order to understand the end goal 100%.

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Once but right! But when does a move to Shopware 6 make sense at all?

A migration is similar to a wedding: You don’t get a second chance again! If you are wondering when a migration makes sense at all, then read the following points.

Do you have any of these problems?

The solution is Shopware 6!

The 3 biggest reasons for migration

There are of course many reasons why a move to Shopware 6 makes sense. Some of them were mentioned above. Here again the 3 most important ones as a summary:

#1Old shop systemโ€‹

The eCommerce environment is constantly changing and solutions from 5-10 years ago are simply not up to date!

#2Conversion rate

The most important factor when it comes to the number of orders. If this is not correct, then something should be done urgently.

#3Support missingโ€‹

If all of a sudden your store system is no longer supported, then you're on your own and a walking target for hackers.

We migrate the following shop systems

There are no limitations for migrating your old store to Shopware 6. We can migrate the following store systems to Shopware 6 without any problems.

Are you ready for your Shopware 6 migration?

We want to work with you on your eCommerce business and drive it forward significantly. How are we going to do it? Let’s find out together!

How do you secure my SEO rankings?

We know it all too well: You have built up your online store over years with a lot of effort and capital and of course you don’t want your SEO traffic to be lost after the migration. No problem, we are prepared!

This is how we do it...

SEO is of course an extensive topic with many different aspects in practice: HTML markup, HTTP status codes, micro data, redirects and much more. The stupid thing is that search engines pay attention to certain information that is hidden from store owners. Therefore, you should not leave anything to chance during your migration!

In order for your migration to Shopware to succeed and build your eCommerce success, it is important that we consider all these aspects before, during and after the migration! So you have already read correctly that there are 3 important phases that have to work together in the final result. But don’t worry: our team consists of professionals!

For the migration, we own a team of developers & testers who are all too familiar with the 3 mentioned phases. In addition, we also own external SEO agencies as partners, which we can call upon if needed for very extensive and complex projects. We play out the important information the way search engines like Google, Bing and many others want to have it. This has only consequence that your SEO ranking remains – if not even improves with Shopware!

Much expertise in technical SEO

We are not beginners and we know very well about the technical SEO. Moreover, we have external partnerships with SEO agencies that have been doing only such things in practice for years.

URL structure and redirects

It is important that we keep the URL structure as good as possible, so that your customers can find your store again! If it is not possible, then we use targeted redirects.

Constant monitoring

After migration, we use various tools and automatic tests to check that the pages continue to throw no errors. This way, we are alerted in case of an incident and can act quickly.

Why you should work with us

Why are we the right agency? Here you can find a few reasons why we are the right partners for your eCommerce success based on Shopware!

Correct project calculation

Since we only offer Shopware we have a lot of experience with it. This allows us to offer fixed prices, which are also adhered to.

Suited to your customer needs

We will implement your new online store the way you imagined it, as we will listen to you in detail before the migration.

100% specialized in Shopware

We only do Shopware and therefore very good at it! With us you pay for the added value, not for the learning time as with some providers.

Fast response times

We know that there are providers who take weeks to get in touch. But not with us! We use Slack for regular communication.

Close contact to our developers

Direct communication is still the best! With us, there are no project managers who delegate tasks according to the silent mail principle.

You are part of the team

We develop online stores together with our customers! Therefore, you get regular feedback and can view the interim status at any time.

Frequently asked questions

We answer some important questions regarding migration and store creation

This depends very much on the requirements and the size. Since stores today are extensive and complex web applications, the prices can vary greatly. In order to get a realistic estimate, several preliminary discussions are usually necessary. Feel free to contact us!

Here, too, it varies in practice, since some stores already bring many features with them, which usually cannot be dispensed with after a migration. Typical migration times incl. development and preparation is mostly between 2-6 months.

The biggest advantage is that in our everyday life we only offer Shopware, so you don't have to pay us for any learning time. We can set up the new site after migration completely according to your wishes!

The migration process including the development of your new store usually takes weeks or months. During this time, your old store will be available as usual. On the day of the migration we have two options:
- The store is unavailable for a few minutes or hours (maintenance mode), which is usually the best and easiest method.
- Alternatively, there is the possibility that the store never goes down and the migration runs in parallel. In practice, however, this is much more time-consuming and rarely worthwhile.

We do not offer hourly prices, as they are not transparent. We only offer fixed prices and we stick to them. Therefore, we only need to agree on a common price before working together. So you avoid nasty surprises with the bills!

Sure, we also offer monthly maintenance. If you are satisfied with the migration and the end result, feel free to contact us about it. Monthly maintenance is also on a fixed price basis.

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